Sunday, December 23, 2018

six pieuvres....tres bien

Wow, six octopuses. Very happy about that. And there was one really cute small one, who had already figured out the "peeking" thing. Apparently, they learn that young!
This octopus definitely wanted to know what I was up to...and was willing to find out by waiting. (Not my strong suit.) This octopus was small and very cute. When the humu came by, it slid down into its den.

Of course, the fish was much bigger than that small octopus, so there was much wisdom in its actions.
 He'e 1 deep in its den. Very hard for anyone not akama'i to step on.

This is the same octopus I've been seeing for the last little while. And yet it still hunkers down in its den!
 This octopus was very well hidden...

 And here's #5 again. Awww...

 And I think this was #6 peeking. 
 And not peeking.

This urchin was so heavily laden with armor, I'm surprised it could move at all.

A very small trunk fish. 

Pretty clouds and palm trees.
 I thought this made a very nice Christmas wreath. Of course, I didn't take it home...

A fleabite cone shell. 

And a male box fish.

This Spanish Dancer nudibranch flew down on top of a rock, pushed by the surf.

The "naked lung" part is near the top of the shot. Looks kinda like trees

A very nice swim. And I didn't see any octopuses in the deeper side. Perhaps the seal that had been there had scared 'em all. There were also 2 turtles snoozing on the beach...but they look just like the last ones I took a photo of. 

Thanks, God, for the wonderful animals. And the safety. 

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