Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Frog fish went home

Well, the frog fish was not evident today, but an octopus was!
Notice that I didn't say it was easy to see the octopus. But it's in there. It didn't ever come out more, so this is what we work with. Just glad to see one.

I also saw the large economy size of two fish: the cornet fish and the lizard fish. The cornet was bigger around than my arm! It's not that easy to determine the size, but I would bet it was as long as I am, so easily over 5 feet long. 

It was also in the deep side, so not the clearest water. Still, I enjoyed watching it because of its size, but also because it was hunting something, although I never did find out what it had its eye on.
Out of the corner of my eye, I at first thought Barracuda! But no, it was simply a large needle fish on its own. Must be a good hunter. I have seen barracuda in these ponds, but not for quite a while. They tend to stay up near the surface and since octopuses are my main goal, I'm usually scanning the bottom.
 I enjoyed getting closer to the Black Lined Wrasse. Note that its eye is located on one of the lines of black, so harder to see it.
 Clouds for me and Palms for Alex! Glorious.

Eel being hounded by Peacock Grouper and Bluefin Trevally. Poor thing.
 Indo-Pacific damsel. Usually in a group, this one came to investigate me.

Lizard fish lounging on the bottom.
 Male Trunk Fish

Manini (convict tang) and their Hawaiian Cleaner wrasse
 Moorish Idol
More clouds and palm trees 

pencil urchin
 pinktail durgon

snoozing monk seal
 The tail and head of a Snowflake Moray. Look for the tail on the left and head on the right. The rest was hiding under the rock.
 A group of Trevally near the cleaning station.
Even though there was no visible frog fish, still had a nice swim. 

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