Thursday, June 20, 2019

Frogfish on the hunt

Today, I saw no octo-fishes, but did see the Frog Fish!

I do get carried away with the little guy! You can see its eyes, feet, tail and some of its head. It is rather like the leaf fish, in that it puts its paws on either side on the rocks to hold itself steady. How could you not love these fish?!

The 4 spot Butterfly. It did have a mate, but they declined to stay close together, so separate pix for each one.
Strangely enough, this Abudefduf had a cloudy right eye. It's strange because we just last night watched an episode of The Aquarium and both sea lions had detached retina and they had to take our the eyes to avoid infection. Sad, but better to be alive! I'm curious as to what happens to make the retina detach. I don't know what ailed the Abudefduf, but hope it's not serious.

Banded Urchin. Note the 2 types of barbs.

Speaking of serious, the black banded wrasse was sparring with a female box fish, which was odd. I never see the Trunk or Box fish cause trouble. But this wrasse took care to get it going away.
 Blue Lined Butterfly. 

Blue spined Unicorn
 Male Christmas Wrasse with a bit of light.

 And very interesting clouds today. Loved the wispiness.
 Rock Mover Wrasse showing its clown face.

 Several layers of clouds

And of course must include palm trees for my sweetheart. Clouds in the background is a bonus.
 Cornet Fish hunting. It occurred to me that fish seem to be almost constantly hunting. Perhaps they sleep at night.

Somebody caught and ate this crab. The claws were all that remained.
 If you look carefully, you can see the green spotted fish hiding in the coral. Still haven't been able to see it well enough to know what the fish is.
 Female Christmas Wrasse.

A honu swam by me.
 And two slept on the beach. Someone had kindly marked off their territory, so that was nice.
 Horn shell. I thought it occupied, so I didn't bother to pick it up.

Sergeant Major, I think.
 Papa box fish.

Pencil Urchins. They always stand out against the grayish-greenish rocks.
 Sergeant Major as a tiny little thing.
 I saw plenty of eel tails. This one was well hidden and the face was never evident on this Snowflake Moray.

The U for Sesame Street!
 Supermale Christmas Wrasse
 This poor urchin had completely loaded itself down with rocks for protection.

White spotted toby
 A bit of a Zebra Moray. It hid underneath the rock, so I never saw its full length.
I did try to spot octopuses, but am happy with what I did see. I gave a shout out to God when I saw the frog fish!

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