Saturday, June 1, 2019

Two octopuses! And the fish that got away

Today, the no-octo-zone rule was smashed by the sighting of 2 octopuses! YAY! I have to be truthful and admit that I teared up a little when I saw the first one. And of course, I was immensely grateful to God, so I thanked Him profoundly. I'm sure the swimmers around me thought I'd lost my mind...

He'e 1 just to the left of the white rock.

 You can see its siphon, too.

 And in this photo, it is showing its suckers for some reason.

I rarely get to see the rest of the animal, but I am extremely thankful for the parts I do get to see! I was beyond grateful.
Yay, God!!!

 Apparently they had something to say to each other. And following, one is showing its tummy to the other.

I call it canoodling.
 Both were male, so not hanky panky.

And this is two seals (look closely) out snoozing on the rocks.

And we call this two people waaaay too close to the seals. After all, there's a law and they are wild animals!

And I am glad I had my camera. I do think it deterred them at least a little bit from getting even closer.
 A Cornet fish shopped off at a cleaning station. 
 Peacock grouper flew through

Blue spined unicorn
 Christmas Wrasse

The cleaner wrasse having a few more cleaning attempts on the Cornet
 Coming to clean the Humu

And the Saddle Wrasse
 And back to the Cornet. It reminded me of the inch worm...

And I found this cone shell. Didn't see the snout of the homeowner until I got this home. Cones are venomous. Beware.
 Cowry and urchin. Couldn't decide which shot I liked better. So I threw them all on the post.

 A group of convict tangs and ringtail surgeons, looking for breakfast. And now that I think about it, I'll bet they don't call it breakfast, because they can eat all day long.
 The Humu throwing sand out through its gills.

Must be Lizard fish breeding time. I saw 3 of these small ones.

And somebody had lobster meal again.
 Male Trunk or Box fish

Moorish Idol
 Clouds and palms for Alex

More pencils
 note the brighteye damsel near the pencils below.

Pinktail Durgon for me!

 I caught a raindrop with my Olympus TG 4 micro lens.
 Ringtail surgeon fish
 Very cute seal faces

And I was behind the line. My camera can make it appear that I'm close.

This Snowflake Moray was trying to tie itself in a knot.
 Another Lizard small kind.
 There's another lizard fish in the photo's really small and in the middle. Wanted to give a bit of perspective.
 A loaded Urchin
 This seal bellowed a bit.
 Yellow tail Coris. I do think they are amazingly pretty fish. I have noted them picking up rocks, too, as the Rock Mover Wrasse does. To find food underneath.

I almost forgot because I didn't get a photo: a big Giant Trevally flew through the scene in the Kiddie pond! I was so surprised, it was gone before it even occurred to me to take a photo. So that one got away. It's too bad too, because they are very pretty silvery fish. And they can really go!

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