Saturday, June 22, 2019

Three octopuses! But no frogfish

I have to admit, today the waves out where I last saw the frog fish intimidated me, so I didn't venture out quite far enough. Who likes being slapped by a wave?!

But I did see 3 octopuses, so very thankful for that.

The one following is a really good hider. It has found a nice spot to lurk. 

 The Saddle Wrasse seemed totally unaware of the octopus in the den nearby.

None of them came out to play, but that wasn't surprising. I did twinkle my gloved fingers at them, to no avail. I guess I'm happy they don't interact here, as there are those terrible people who would catch and eat them. I can't stomach the thought.

I also spotted a small Devil Scorpion Fish:
 The mouth is slightly agape in this one.

 Without the orange on the fin showing, you'd hardly know it was there.
 They do specialize in hiding. Often I don't see them unless they move.
 In the one below, the orange colored fin is on the top..the body, mouth and other fin are all the color of the bottom. Ambush predator.

It didn't like me hovering. Get over it!
 The Abudefduf swimming over the sand.

A couple of biggish Needlefish
 And the small blenny. Awwwww.
 Clouds and palms

 A cone shell covered in ocean goop, sitting on its wider part.
 Eel tail

A small honu resting in a little cove in the rocks underwater. 
 Lizard fish

 Money cowry

The moon and palm tree

 Pencil urchin and Brighteye Damsel fish
 The big guy cornet fish from the other day...this time, showing its plaid colors

And a turban shell between a rock and a hard place. I didn't touch it, but assume it was occupied.
 And a cowry, Cypraea Isabella. I actually looked it up! And I had to put it down on the bottom again, as I couldn't be sure it was empty.
Three octopuses, what a hit! I do hope the frog fish is still there when I next venture in. 

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