Saturday, June 8, 2019

Too many people walking on the reef

This is my latest theory of why I didn't spot any octopuses today, on my first day back after another bout of vertigo. If you have a chance to get vertigo, say nay nay! I was very kind when I delivered my one only lecture about walking on the reef...I even thanked the two young girls for listening! Octopuses are smart animals and if they realize they are just going to get walked on, they would move out of the neighborhood.

But I did see some interesting and nice animals, even though not the 8 legged variety:
 This is two Hairy Triton shells, close together. Not sure why. Hope it isn't a predation thing...the bigger one always wins those. Note the brownish operculum. On this shell, it is brown instead of white and softer than the white ones on the Turban shells. You can see the latter just to the right of the smaller Triton shell in the following shot. 

Two purple Goat Fish, hunting together.
 And the 3 Spot Chromis! It was guarding the tannish-yellowish coral to the left in the photo. I was glad to get a shot of this one, as it is less than 1 inch long.


For once, you can see a bit of the bars that make up the Barred File fish. This one was taking a bit out of the coral or going for something on the coral.
 Bird Wrasse. I used to see these all the time on Oahu, but not as often over here. And while we're on the home territory subject, why don't we get cuttlefish in Hawaii?!

Christmas wrasse

 Juvenile of the Yellow Tail Coris. And to the up and left, a small two color damsel that I need to look up.

Black Leaf Fish. This guy was being mashed about by the waves.

 Another wrasse I need to look up. Gee, the weekend is packed!
 Male Trunk fish

Pencil urchins jutting out of a hole in the reef.

Pinktail Durgon face on for a change.
 Rock Mover wrasse
 Seal catching a snooze.

 Trevally in a parade

I would be so itchy with all that sand on me.

Spotfin Scorpion fish
 Supermale Christmas Wrasse
 A chromis to look up. 
Nice swim. I was able to swim unimpeded by the former vertigo, so hope that is totally a thing of the past. 

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