Thursday, February 14, 2019

I heard thunder, so I got out!

I drove down to swim this morning, even though I had been warned that it was raining (not a're wet anyway, right?) and there had been thunder. Oops.

So I got in, as there was no rain and no thunder. Into the Keiki Pool, that is, as the deeper side had that no swimming sign.

I was just getting revved up, having seen the big Cornet Fish:
I figured, hey, he's swimming, must be ok, right? Of course, he had no choice. So I checked out some of the usual spots and saw no octopuses.  Then I heard the thunder. I thought: OK, get out! I was already being stupid, no sense in adding to that....I got out and walked to the shower, thinking Oh yeah. A big metal pole won't attract thunder or lightning.....Made fast work of getting away from the lightning rod and walked to my car, with my wet suit still on. It was warmer that way. 

I took a total of 14 photos....a new low. I'm kinda bummed, but I'm alive! Here are the others:
 A nice, dramatic set of clouds and nice water. If it hadn't been for the thunder, I would have had a great time.
And the honu knew enough to not be in the water, too.

Here's hoping for Saturday. 

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