Saturday, February 16, 2019

Ah such nice water!

Since the rain and thunder chased me out recently, I was very happy to get to Poipu Beach and see not only sunshine, but low tide! Yeeha! That's what I'm talking about! (You would almost think I'm having an Exclamation Mark contest.)

And 3 octopuses. Oh yeah. Way to make me happy.
 He'e 1 started out peeking at me. Adorable.
 Then it slid down into its den and peeked at me from further away.

 Then it changed to this really pale color..Odd. Normally they turn that dark angry maroon.

 He'e 2 in a den that I see quite often...

He'e 3 out near the Don't Swim Beyond sign. I was thankful for the red rock, as it helped me located it....The octopus was quite the same color as the bottom. You can see some of the bumps that they can create on their skin.
Cute Ambon puffer
 Remains of a crab I don't recognize...

This I do recognize: the Devil Scorpion Fish. 
 Looks unhappy doesn't it?

Eel for Sue

This eel was two doors down from the first octopus. Hope they don't become close!
 None of the regular seal and turtle protectors were there today, so this lady thought it was necessary to walk too close. Sorry, but people can be unthinking!
 Lifeguard Seal

Male Box Fish 

Needle Fish near the surface
 An Urchin with a LOT of baggage!

These red pencil urchins fascinate me. I think there also may have been a tiny crab inside there....I see 2 red tiny things like legs...

From further away
 Pinktail Durgon. I was surprised to see it rather close in. Normally they are out near the wave break on the deep side.

 Lifeguard seal and rainbow
 Nice shell...basket?
 More pencil urchins

The sunny Stripey
 Trevally with stripes

 A less encumbered Urchin
 Believe it or not, there's an urchin under those rocks..
Hoping for nice water and sun again next time.

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