Thursday, February 7, 2019

3 octopuses and 2 scorpion fish!

This is the link for today's video. An octopus hunting! If the link doesn't work, go to youtube and ask for octopigirl7.

I was able to see 3 octopuses...not all of them were willing to show themselves. Big surprise, right?

 The first octopus, to the left, is showing just a bit of its eye and surrounding skin. In other words, hiding really well. 
 This is octopus #2, above and below. Above as I first saw it, just hunched over a bit of coral head. Below, it's getting ready to take off. And hunt.
 Octopus #3 is still quite a good hider...I only see it because I know generally where its den is. You can see the white siphon in the middle. There is a lot of sand in the water, as it's out near the wave break.

At one point, this octopus did peek out, but I was quite a bit away from it, so the pix didn't show it well.

Two Scorpion Fish: the Devil and the Spotfin.
 The Devil Scorp got a bit of sun on its back. The mouth is near the bottom of the shot. 
 Spotfin doing what they do: hiding! You can see its eye and fins and tail fin. And red spots.
Cute Ambon Puffer. You can see the green eye, but not the blue part of the tail. 
 Christmas Wrasse

 Cowry shell hiding in a hole in coral.

This electric blue crab had a big shell on its back! But it kept walking anyway. 
 Green coral out near wave break, with Brighteye Chromis in the left hand corner.
 Horn Shell. It looked perfect and felt empty, but I couldn't be sure. I also thought that if someone wasn't using it for a home, they could be.

 So I left it there.

 I started counting the spots on the Male Trunk Fish, but gave up. Perhaps I'll print it and mark as I count. If I succeed, I'll let you know.

This was a surprise to me: Pencil Urchin with a Raspberry Drupe shell in its fingers.
 I later discovered that Pencil Urchins can eat shells, so perhaps that's what's going on. Below, the Drupe is the pink part ... the pink is on its back.

 And here it is from the front..The animal that made the shell can exit through that part.
 More of the scorps

 And a Stripey

And a tiny Lizard fish for Alex

A tiny female Trunk fish. It was quite skittish once I showed up, so it moved about and tried to hide under the rock.
 And a tube coming up from the sand. No memory of what it might be.

Small Urchin. I had planned to post a bunch of photos of these today, as they all had a heavy load of stuff on their backs, but I am not good, apparently, at catching a photo...
The water was quite nice today and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the water for almost 3 hours! 

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