Thursday, February 21, 2019

A lot of blowing and it wasn't the wind!

 This #3 octopus really wanted me to depart! It kept blowing water through its siphon in an attempt to get me to leave. HA. Like that would work.

 Not all octopuses think to do this, but I would imagine in an animal not as big and determined as I, this water coming at it might deter it from sticking around. 
 It also answered a question: the siphon can also change color.

So that was octopus #3. Here are the rest of the gang:
Octopus one I have seen before in this rock. It is often not there (or hiding deep within the den), so it was nice to see it again today.

Its siphon is smaller. This one stayed between two rocks, so there wasn't a lot of opportunity to snap great photos.

And two Scorpion Fish: one was the Spotfin:
And here's the Devil that was hiding pretty well (isn't that what they do?)

As I looked at these photos, I thought perhaps to make a calendar of Faces only a Mother could love".
 The following photo is what I originally saw: it was one of those things where you're swimming by and then backtrack saying "Wait. What was that?!"
Octopus #3 showing its eye, siphon and skin bumps.
 They can make the bumps in a flash.
Two turtles were asleep on the beach. And no seals the last few days...Perhaps they heard there was a Tiger Shark near Kukui'ula?
 Abudefduf. Say it with me....

 I enjoyed the light playing on the Blue Spined Unicorn's skin and spikes

Nice little female Trunk fish
 Cone shell. You can see the pattern at the bottom; the rest is covered with ocean gunk

Flounder for my sweetheart. And I had just gotten in, seen one octopus and then this guy! I knew it was going to be a great swim.

 Juvenile Hawaiian Hog Fish
 The moon. I had heard on the Honolulu news that there might be jelly fish, so I walked the beach, thankfully seeing none. (None in the water either.)

Part of the morning crew: Surgeon Fish, Convict Tangs and Cornet Fish
 The Needle Fish were my advance guard against jelly fish.

Octopus skin bumps
 Pencil Urchins in the usual place, with a small Saddle Wrasse on guard.

Look at those teeth!
 Pinktail Durgon. As in the past few days, this one has been in close to shore, so I can get a better photo.
 Or three

 Or four. Showing the spike on the top of its head.
 Nice shells
 The following one is without much light.
 And then with more light.

I'll bet this Snowflake Moray eel thought it couldn't be seen. Well, except for the tail. 
 Rock Mover Wrasse and the Christmas Wrasse and a Saddle wrasse. Apparently it was a Wrasse party.
 Trick question: can you see the flounder?
 A very small Urchin, already carrying baggage.

 This urchin also carried part of a broken pencil urchin (the brown on the left). Good choice: those are hard, almost like rock.

This eel

was being circled by this trevally. I usually follow if I see a trevally circling. Sometimes it is circling an octopus, but most times over here, it's an eel.
So happy for this swim. Lots of nice animals to snap photos of.

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