Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A surprise swim

Since I had a dental cleaning today, I had thought to not zoom down to swim. After all, everyone and their mother would probably be there, which normally limits the opportunity to see my reclusive octopuses.

But I did drive down and I did get the wonderful surprise of 4 octopus sightings!

 Octopus #1 was hiding mostly under a rock in the deep side. I only got the photo above by swooping down. With my wetsuit, that's harder to do than usual, because it makes me float better. But it also keeps me warmer. We are currently having colder temps because of north wind...but cooler for us is in the high 60s. No brag, just fact.
 He'e #2, hiding in its den. You can just see its eye below the curve of its flesh.
 He'e 3
 You can see the siphon and the eye.
 He'e #4 was the hardest to see...the brown siphon is near the bottom of the photo. 
Big Cornet fish swam through..on the hunt, no doubt.
 Sadly, I found a dead Needle fish. I couldn't tell if it was the one from the other day with the possible broken back...
 And a red-barred Hawk Fish. These are not the usual ones I find.
 A humu hiding in a hole, with a Drupe shell above.
 Lizard fish for my sweetheart.
 Nice rainbow. I shall practice Photoshop so I can get rid of the phone poles.
 Nice little basket shell.
 Tear Drop Butterfly ...I heard Fleetwood Mac singing in the background: Go your own way....
I was so pleasantly surprised with 4 octopuses in one hour. The heat was on!

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