Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Apparently, I can be very kind! Who knew?

If you knew me, you would rarely think: "Oh, she's so kind!" But today, I helped a young lady by showing her where to get in the water (so as not to go over the rocks) and also how to de-fog her mask. And she said "You are so kind!!!" I walked away thinking "Not how I usually think of myself!"

Which was a lesson: I could be kind, I would just have to work at it! (Sweetheart said he would normally think of me as outspoken...lol Yeah, I knew that.)

So 4 octopuses today. Happy with that. And one, in the deeper side, actually got chased by a Rock Mover wrasse...if you want to see the short video, here's the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYU1Z7jOghA
 Hope that works! 

But here are the still photos:
 The octopus is just below the fishes head...brown and white patterns

Here is the same octopus, but now it's mad! Turned that angry maroon color as it sped to hide underneath a rock. Smart, octopus! The wrasse was able to zoom under the rock a bit, but I think the octopus escaped by hiding. (That's what they do!!!)
 The brown after it saw me and the original colors below. Both photos have the eye you can see.
He'e 3, showing its eye

 and turning dark

The female Christmas wrasse sped by the octopus when it had popped up again a little bit.

 It's hard to keep them all straight. The rocks help.

You can see both eyes in the one below.
 And in this one.

In the one below, it turned that dark brown...You can see that if a visitor walked around in this area, they would never see the octopus! It would simply slide down into its den until it was safe to venture out again.

 Back to the cool brown and white and bumpy octopus. I wonder if it uses the orange rock to locate its home?
Rock Mover trying to rub against the octopus #1...the octopus is just above the wrasse's head, adhering to the coral.
 Nice Ambon Puffer fish, showing cool patterns.
 A very small female Trunk Fish. You can see both its eyes. At this size, they are quite desirous of not being near people.

This was in the area where I saw an octopus a few days ago. I think it probably pulled the white and red rocks to cover its den. Since I could not tell if it was in there, I couldn't count it as a sighting.
 Christmas Wrasse male
 This crab did a great job of hiding in a hole. If you look carefully, you can see the body and an eye.
 A Drupe shell with light accent.

Male Trunk Fish
 Needle fish near the in between part of the two ponds.

White Mouth Moray Eel

 Another nice shell

Pinktail Durgon
 The rainbow colors of the light entering the water made this octopus have a slight purple color around its eye.

As it did with the octopus in the middle of the photo below.
 Christmas Wrasse hassling an eel.

I think it's a Spanish Dancer...I am accustomed to seeing them be more red, but this is the same shape. (Nudibranch)

This is the junk I brought home today from the swim: glass, a lead fishing weight, one lens of a dive mask and string and of course the ubiquitous scrunchie! As well as the operculum (little white things: I now have over 10,000 of them! Yeah, no one calls me smart.)
 And two small urchins: the one immediately below was so small, I was really surprised it could hold up under all that weight!

Another nice swim! The water was mostly clear and calm. I was able to swim farther out without waves smacking me, so most enjoyable.

All props to God for creating the wonderful ocean and its creatures.

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