Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pollen Anonymous

When you work in a garden, especially one as beautiful as the National Tropical Botanical Garden, it is very possible, and I'm proof, that you might run into flowers you've never seen before.
Isn't that crazy cool?! Pollen aplenty. And long silky strings, almost making a skirt.
And since I was too lazy to blog about underwater adventures yesterday, please bear with me and see the pix from yesterday, perhaps with a word of two thrown in.  Maybe you'll like the post better without so many words...let me know.
Love this bird! The White Rumped Shama stopped by to sing for us.

A male box. ha


Wow! That was quick!
Do you love the crab on the left?  I had hopes to take the pretty bubble shell home, but it wasn't to be. Couldn't have a homeless crab, right?!

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