Sunday, December 18, 2016

A post without octopuses?!

Yes, it's true!  This post will probably not have any octopuses.  First of all, it's cold!  Well, maybe not cold like on the mainland right now, but we do have our sweaters on.  (Once it gets below 70, we're done...) So the water will be colder, and it's somewhat windy and wavy.  So church will be the priority and then planning for my family's arrival this week.  Oh yes!  And preparing to start work tomorrow.  I will have to put calendar reminders to help me go to work...after all, it's been 6 months of unemployment!!!

I tried to get to a spot without phone lines or wires, but no joy. On foot, it takes longer to get anywhere.  But I enjoyed this visual of the rain and clouds off beyond the airport.  I do love being able to see rain coming down...preferably far away. HA

And to test whether my family is reading my blog (hint, hint), here's the sign that shows where we live:
See you all soon!
Of course, the moon still interests me, primarily because it's a challenge to get a good photo.
with palms for Alex..
With the Banyan Tree near our complex's entrance.
And my favorite flower, with early morning light:
SO pretty!
And ok, call me crazy, but since everyone is always looking for the next cool thing for nails, what do you think about using the pattern from cone shells?
Trendy and hip, right?!  Of course, one wouldn't use the REAL shells, as in this photo, but I do think the pattern is very cool looking.  HA.  If you make this a reality, please send photos and part of the profits, since it was my idea.....

So, a post without octopuses.  Who knew I could do it?  And as I type that, I'm looking around at all the octo-things on my desk, and thinking...well, I COULD add that one!

Have a great Sunday. And thanks for reading.

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