Friday, November 11, 2016

Job interview followed by a swim

Had what I hope was a good job interview yesterday.  I was so keyed up afterward that I wanted to swim.  And saw 3 octopuses! A hopeful sign?  When I arrived back at home, received a phone call about another interview.  The days are packed!

I didn't snag any cloud or palm tree pictures...but I was able to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday with my sweetheart, who is a former Marine. Ooo rah!

I finally worked with the Olympus software and discovered how to crop photos...duh! So easy, wish I'd done that long ago.  Life is a learning process...

Got some shots of the needlefish too:
Well, obviously, I still have more to learn about editing.  In my cropped version, the fish in the center is much larger and going away from the viewer.  I do enjoy how they all swim around in a group and sometimes lower in the water, so easier to photograph.

Pencil urchin

 Well hidden octopus #1

When I first checked this area, the octopus wasn't home.  But then it was later.  This is the same octopus that was moving the rocks around on an earlier swim.

 Two kinds of wana
And a couple of the Moorish Idol fish...very beautiful

I took a picture of this rock, thinking: How busy!
Check for the Raspberry Drupe in the center...and a green dot of something, not sure what.  Just studying this rock alone would take me all day.
And a cone, covered up somewhat:
A nice swim after a good's hoping for a job!

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