Sunday, April 5, 2020


For those of you Bible readers out there, you'll remember I AM. The moniker of God. 

I found this on a pair of earrings I bought at Longs:
I thought it intriguing that an earring company would put that on the little paper that holds the earrings. I enjoyed adding some of my operculum collection around the words. 

I was also surprised to wake up in the night and see a bright light coming in through the window. I thought: I didn't realize there was a night light there! But it was God's night light:
The glass of the jalousie is pebbled and I could just see the Moon out there. When I went to the grocery store a few hours later, couldn't see the moon anywhere! Glad I caught it when I did. 

I am hoping and praying there will be an end to the current virus crisis and soon!

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