Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kindle Candle

Since the recent virus spread, most of the books I read are on Kindle. No shipping and no wait!

So when I got a response for one of my purchases today that mentioned shipping, I looked to see why.

Because it's a candle! You can't have Kindle Candles. ha.

And by the way, it smells like Creme Brulee, which reminds me of my sweetheart, so it's all good.

Some recent pix from my walk and my room:
 Since our country is very much on my mind, it was nice to see a flag. And apparently, it will be lit up at night.
 My handmade mask. And Tilley hat. I discovered that my sewing machine is not happy, just making that grr-grr sound when I try to use it. So I had to do handmade stitches. Please, don't look too closely. But it is octopus fabric.

And who knew that toilet paper would be such a coveted item? I did discover that there is a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress show on TLC; those people are crazy talented and imaginative. But I would not spend the hours they did...I use it then flush it. My cousin in Canada says they have huge displays of toilet paper in their stores.

 Someone put a Minion in their tree house. Haha. Glad to see senses of humor in these difficult days.
2 Disciples on their way to the tomb by Eugene Burnand. It's Peter and John.
 An octo-photo by my pal, Larry, who has mad camera skills.
 And a painting by my pal, Lisa, who has mad painting skills. So cute.
 And one of my most cherished paintings, by my great-uncle, HG Lewis. 1965.
I am looking forward to my walk today. Thankfully, the lack of rain helps.
Be safe.

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