Monday, April 13, 2020

A nice cloudy day

Living in Hawaii, especially when getting in the water is frowned upon, is difficult at times. We depend on shipping to get supplies (can we ignore toilet paper?!), prices are higher, and sometimes traffic is a bear. Not to mention the price of gas.

However, we are NOT in New Mexico, which is currently sporting 34 degrees. Thank you, God! 

When that temp popped up on my phone, I noted we are at 80 degrees. So of course I texted my brother to rub it in. Both of us are quarantining, so we are not enjoying the usual outdoor sports we normally would.

I should add that the beach parks are closed, but they can't stop us from getting in the water! Unless of course the water is behind a locked gate, as is currently the case with Hanauma Bay. Sigh.....

But that doesn't keep me from my morning walk. This morning I started early before it was too hot. And found many cool clouds, moon shots (that doesn't sound quite right) and flower pix. Here you go:
 Bird of paradise. It's the only bird photo I got today!
 And I assume a nice child made this art work. Love the heart!

Here we go with clouds and moon

 Isn't light amazing? And how the clouds nestle the moon.

Layers! How does that work? Layers of different types of clouds. And of course Palm Trees for my sweetheart.
 Wispy clouds around the moon.

Moon trying to hide.

 How hard, I ask you, did this plant want to live?! All coming out of a crack in the rock.

 Moon just below the clouds.
 And then above 'em.

 Pink Plumeria. C'mon! If I had the time to look up the real name, I wouldn't be walking..

I had to laugh. I have been reading 1 Samuel, which reminds me of the Exodus, which reminds me of this plant: The Wandering Jew.

 Have I mentioned I think clouds are super cool?
 Yellow Plumeria.

And the only octopus was in the print of the new face mask I made....
Yes, there really is an octopus in the print. Trust me! And stay safe. Perhaps soon we'll be able to see octopuses again in the ocean.

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