Sunday, March 29, 2020

Peace over panic; faith over fear

The title thoughts were spoken by a young mother who is living in Milan. I thought they are very good things to keep in mind in the current crisis.

Since I have more time on my hands now, due to all the parks being closed and I can't swim, I am branching out to find other things to do. I have colored sealife pages; watched endless re-runs of NCIS (it is a show that I can color along to); baked bread (yum, yum! Watch out waistline. Challah and potato bread so far. Also cranberry muffins.) I also found Andy Stanley on He has great messages that are very real and profound. Check 'em out!

So since my friend also likes Hello Kitty and I think HK is the epitome of "happy", I took some pix of my oh-so-too-many Hello Kitty Pens. Lisa, this is for you!

 These are almost all of my pens, working or not! I am thinking to make a "wind chime" of the empty cartridges of those pens that have died. I really can't justify buying more ink cartridges...with so many pens, why do I need them ALL to work?!
 Big barrels. These pens fit my big hands better. Added bonus is that they often have several colors.
 And just when I thought I had them all, I found more.

And more
 And even more

 And beaucoup. (We say it bow-coo...bow like on a present. Coo like a dove.)
 And one of my faves: HK comes out of a flower. And the thing I love about her is that she has no mouth, so cannot get herself in trouble with it!

I call this one Hello Kitty in Jail...
 Another fave: you blow on it and the whirly thing whirls, round and round.
 Putting them away, I noticed some more in my bin. Gee, what was I thinking?!
 Almost all on the table.

And you can't have a post without an octopus. This is a pottery necklace, resting on the Passion version of the book of Isaiah.
And a word of caution: we were told not to hoard toilet paper; and now no one has any! Fortunately, we do still have several rolls. Here's hoping for the next shipment to come in with more.

Please stay healthy; socially distance yourselves! Be kind. Pray. Don't panic.

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