Thursday, April 16, 2020

My skills are being stretched

OK, I'll admit it: not only do I not know all the fishes in the sea, but I know even fewer flowers in the neighborhood!

 I'm guessing gardenia....the petals are so velvety looking.

Below, no clue: I'm calling it lavender flower...

 And this is orange flower.

And red and white flower!

I think it's a Shower tree. Please do not quote me!

So now you know one of my many info gaps. 

I do know these are Saffron Finches and they were hungry....
 As was this gecko in the sink! Alex came along later to put him outside. Good save, Alex! (By the way, no geckos were injured in the production of this photo: he hid under the sink drain. I had nothing to do with it and he wasn't being squished!)
 God's rays

What remains of the moon and clouds.

A message stuck on a telephone pole: I agree!
So that's the haps and pix from my 2.94 mile stroll today. Well worth it, as the trade winds had returned at least a little bit!
Stay safe.

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