Thursday, November 29, 2018

Six Pieuvres!!!

No, they weren't French octopuses, I just felt like using the French word for octopus. 

 My pal is going to have a REALLY hard time seeing this one!  Look in the middle near the edge on the right.
Then on to octopus #2:

The Rock Mover wrasse got into the act. The octopus is on the left about in the middle. Look for the white lines around the eyes...

 You can see the small siphon...that's how i know it's a young one.
 This Convict Tang swam by and didn't even notice the octopus. Well, I don't think it's so hard to get them to talk.

See the little triangle of tan inside the den? That is the very clever octopus #3, hiding behind the rock, which it probably pulled in after itself. They are tricky like that!
He'e #4:

 This one hides in a small alleyway...and changes colors when it sees me seeing it.

He'e #5:
This is the same octopus that I devoted so many photos of earlier in the week. Still in the same place and just chillin'.

 He'e 6 sitting up..

And upside down

This was a new octopus as far as I know. Well, new to me anyway.
And that's the octo-saga for today. And here come the other interesting animals...
 Three Bluefin Trevally
 4 Brighteye Chromis
 An ornament from our tree: A Child is Born!

Abudefduf Sordidus
 Christmas Wrasse

Palms and clouds for Alex
 This Hawkfish was mostly in a hole, but hanging on for the surprise factor.
 Moon and clouds
 Moon and stars...the latter are the barely there pinpricks of light
 Oops! How did that get in here?
 You can see the eyes in both photos, and suckers and skin and siphon. Your basic complete package. (Having said that, I realize I have never seen the octopus' mouth.  Since it's on the bottom, don't know if I will.)
 Our cute little Christmas tree. We placed it outside, as our place is super tiny.

 Pencil Urchins

Pinktail Durgon
 Scorpion Fish #1

 #2 above and below.
 Spanish Dancer

There are unicorns!!!!
 Whitemouth moray eel. 

That's it for today, kids. Thanks for reading. And thanks to God for showing me all His splendid creations.

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