Thursday, November 1, 2018

Close to 300

No, not octopuses! Close to 300 posts on the kauaianew blog. Surprising. There may be celebrating when I get to 300. We'll see.

Today there were 3 octopuses and one scorpion fish. I don't think the video is good enough to upload of the scorpion fish, but we'll see. It does show its orange and yellow colors, so...

This octopus was #2 and sitting on top of a coral head. I was glad for the Blue-spined Unicorn fish, as you can get a bit of an idea of the octopus'  size.
 This is octopus #1 being harassed by a rock mover wrasse. It is on the bottom between the fish and the coral rock with two holes...
 Same octopus, but the angry color. It was getting really tired of the rock mover wrasse. I am still mystified why the fish likes to rub against the octopus and the rocks. 
 Octopus 2: I had glanced that way a few minutes before and saw a dark blob, but didn't catch on right away to what it was. 
 This was octopus #3, in a regular den. It has learned, sadly, to retract quickly, so it's hard to see it most of the time. 
The seals were snoozing peacefully when I got there. I still think sand adhered to your skin would be itchy, but perhaps that's just me!
 Barred Filefish
 Stocky Hawk Fish didn't appreciate my visit and swam off the cliff soon after I caught this photo.
Nice snorkel. I was very happy for all of the octo-sightings and the Scorp was another nice find.
I will upload the video, so you can see the orange and yellow. It is amazing how they almost disappear when the bright colors are hidden. Go to octopigirl7 on youtube to see the video in a few minutes. And thanks for reading!

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