Friday, November 9, 2018

Seven Octopuses...God provides!

God really provided beyond my expectations today: 7 octopuses! And the seals were well behaved and for the most part stayed on the beach and didn't eat any. I am so thankful!
 Because the seals were frolicking near my usual entry point, I strolled down and got in the water in the Kiddie Pond. To my delight, this octopus flipped past me and settled in the gap in the rocks. Thankful for that and also for the white rock, which helped me focus on it.
 He'e 2: he turned brown and slid beneath the rock, then peeked out at me. Hoping I would go away, no doubt.
 The Rock Mover Wrasse that brought my eye to the octopus near the right hand side of the photo, on the rock. 

I am probably going to mess up on which octopus was which...This was a little one.
 Hiding in its den, another octopus keeps still.

 This little one was in a hole in the coral. It kept peeking up at me when I moved a bit away...they like to keep track of possible big predators.
 The Convict Tang shows you how small the octopus was. This is #5, I think. 

 Peeking up at me.

 This one was brown originally and pretty much stayed that way for several photos.

Then it turned lighter brown and kept more in its den. You can see the two brown spots that are its eyes.

 Same octopus, darker..

 Look at the youtube octopigirl7 for the video. The tentacles move and you can see the aqua color... This one is in its den and didn't venture out at all.
And now for the seal portion of the post! Two on the island, snoozing.
 Two playing near the beach.

I waited until they landed before getting in.
 This one dug its nose into the sand. I can only imagine that is quite itchy!

 Seal faces. The one above wanted us to move back, so we did. The one below wanted to make sure that we weren't encroaching.
 And I thought I was wrinkly!!


Seal resting on the island. 

 Sand facial results.
 They are so sleek and quick in the water. And so slow on land.
 Waving to its pals..
3 Peacock Groupers
 3 Rock Movers, a hawk fish and orange shoulder tang.

Devil Scorpion Fish. I wasn't fast enough to catch him moving on video...but you can see the bit of orange and red of his fin.

 Crab carcass.
 God's glory.
 Lizard fish for my sweetheart.
 Male box fish
Octopus again with tentacles, eye and siphon. 

Pencil Urchin
 Rock Mover wrasse adult..
 More of the Scorpion Fish. If you look carefully at the left of the photo, you can see a bit of its mouth.
 I jokingly call this Sergeant Minor. Really, it's a juvenile Sergeant Major..

Star fish had lost some of its arms.
 Whitemouth Moray Eel. My sweetheart says they aren't being aggressive by opening their mouths, but simply breathing.
I am extremely happy with today's swim. Lots of pretty animals, octopuses and seals. What more could a retiree ask for?!

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