Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thank God for Clouds, Waves and Leaf Fish!

I had been warned by the news and my pal on the south shore that there would be waves.....they were not wrong!

 The shot below shows where I usually snorkel: just this side of that sign. It would have been a thrashing opportunity, which I decided not to take..
The waves were not super huge, but they were enough to mess with the water quality....there was a lot of sand and other plant materials blown into the water so the visibility was not good. Let's put it another way: what is normally a 2 to 3 hour swim was 1/2 hour today. That said, there were no visible octopuses, no big surprise. But there was a Leaf Fish, which, poor thing, was being blown about by the waves/water:
 I was glad to see it, though, as I had resigned myself to not being able to see anything of major interest. One never knows what God has planned.
When I first arrived at the beach, I did stand near the entry point for about 15 minutes looking at the water, deciding whether I should go into the deep part. I decided against it, after seeing this:
 I always have a talk with God before entering the water. I do feel He protects me and today, this blue dividing line convinced me: go to the Kiddie pond, where the water was more manageable and leave the deep side for others.
I did look at the sign again, too: Rip Currents. You could be swept out and drown. If in doubt, don't go out! So I halted my occasional stubbornness and just went into the shallower side. After doing so, I did realize that the waves would have messed with the visibility on the deep side, too, so I probably didn't miss anything. 
The clouds and palms did allow me to see the sun...I think it's pretty. So I enjoyed the brief swim and hope that Hurricane Walaka's remainders disappear by Saturday! 

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