Monday, October 1, 2018

Amazing octopus

 I was very happy to discover octopus #2, a very small and quite well hidden octopus. I'll bet many people just blew by this hole in the bottom, not knowing what was hiding inside. Woo-hoo!
 And light was good too. Rainbow colors from above. The octo-eye is above and to the left of the siphon tube.
Thanked God right away, too. I was so happy to find this little one. And hope I can see it for a long, long time. Shhh! Don't tell anyone who eats octopuses! (Yes, some people really do that.)

This was octopus #1 and the same one I've seen a few times lately. I told a friend that I don't like to use the name "regular" anymore, as that sometimes makes them disappear...perhaps they simply get tired of me bobbing up and down to take their photo.
 Shrimp. in its hole.

Christmas Wrasse. Some have the turquoise fins and some are electric blue. Just another mystery!
 Rainbow in the cloud. Taken from the water.
 Palms and clouds. 

 This was a super huge cornet fish. I do think the orange-spined unicorn fish near it was not a full sized adult, but the cornet was still pretty big...
 This is where I go in. To the left is the kiddie pond and to the right, what I call the deep side. I had a nice talk with a man and his wife. Once they told me their skills were beginner, I advised them to swim on the left side. I told them about the rip current that might take them down to the hotel nearby. We decided that's not a good way to find a hotel. Just sayin'.

 Turtle sleeping when I went in. When I came out, two hours later, the turtle had awakened and decided to re-enter the water, which thrilled all the visitors on the beach.
 Male Trunk Fish. Of course, I took this photo just after it had twirled upside down to snag a bit of food! Sometimes I just miss cool photo.
 Moon and clouds.
 This is my favorite of octopus #2 with rainbow light. Such amazing creatures!
 Pencil urchin.

Pinktail Durgons and friends, having breakfast. The Pinktails are in the upper right and also upper left. As you can see, this was out near the breakwater, so the visibility was not the best.
And this is the seal that surprised me when I was about to get out. I was going in the opposite direction and flipped around to snap off a shot. The waves were bouncing me around, so I just got out, instead of trying for more photos....

A great swim. Nice sightings and nobody bothered me. 

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