Sunday, October 7, 2018

I would have had a problem...

I would have had a problem if this Scorpion Fish had eaten the Brighteye Chromis:
You can see the little Brighteye, but perhaps not the scorp: if you look to the far right, you'll see the left fin of the scorpion fish. Up from there is the head and down is the back. I am glad that the Brighteye didn't get eaten. Mostly because I like the little Brighteyes...but truthfully also because I wasn't ready to video it! (Look on youtube for frogfish eats puffer. I was ready to video then..)

I do wonder if the Brighteye even knew the scorpion fish was there. Their camouflage is quite good. And it was in an odd position: on top of a rock. Normally, I see them underneath coral or rocks for better camouflage..

I am surprised, as you may be also, that my post started with something other than an octopus! But there were three octopuses today, so here we go:
 He'e #1. The brown and white is before s/he thought I was a threat. Below is when s/he got mad! It is cool how fast they can change color: literally in the blink of an eye.

He'e 2:

This little octopus also turned a darker brown when I swam down. It is rather hard to see: look for the brown and white in the 2nd photo.

Octopus #3:

 You get a few chances to see its eye, too. 

 You can tell it's a small/young one, as the siphon is small. At least in this species! In the Australian Blue Ring Octopus version, the octopus is small and as far as I know, stays that way. So you couldn't use that small siphon idea to tell age....

From further up near the surface. This is why it's a challenge to spot them: often, I am 10 feet away.

I am quite happy with a sighting of 3 octopuses! 

4 spot Butterfly fish. Without a partner at this point.
 Nice youngish turtle surprised me and swam away, after taking a breath.

I was surprised I caught the nice blue fin of the Ambon Puffer, here with a wrasse.
 My friend asked if I ever see eels....yuh! Lots. Mostly, the Snowflake Moray.

Which is the type I found in the former den of an octopus. I hope the octopus wasn't eaten. It pains me that they are on the menu.
 Trevally irritating another eel.

 This could be a Stout Moray. The books say they have widely varied coloration.
 Male and Female Trunk Fish. love....

 It's funny how they look back at me, hoping I'm gone...

 Needlefish. I will investigate the difference between Needlefish and Halfbeaks.
Cornet going one way, Needlefish going the other..

Two Blue Spined Unicorn fish. I think they are quite adorable!
 Brighteye. They are incredibly plentiful on the reef. I was going to say the most plentiful, but I think the Manini might have them beat (Convict Tangs).

 Christmas Wrasse
 Colorful ouch. The rock housing the urchin, but showing the spines. I have been fortunate not to get poked by these, as they are all over the reef and in many different types.

3 Cornets. And the one below is at a cleaning station. 
 It must take a lot of trust to let a fish nibble on the insides of your gills!
 Light on a larger Cornet.

 Cowry shell, sitting on a rock or two.
 There is a small crab in the upper left of the photo. I had to dip down to get the operculum on the right...the crab dashed away, even though I meant no harm. (The crab is the same color as the has two claws you can just barely see.)
 Sadly, bandaids get used for multiple things. This urchin had apparently picked one up for protection. (You can see the little white spines of the urchin above and to the left of the bandaid.)
 Above, find the Moray eel...
 Trevally and Goat fish commensally fishing.

This could be the same Horn Shell that I didn't pick up yesterday...same color, so maybe.
 Find the tiny Humu

I do love these pencil urchins! Not just because of their cool "pencils" but because of the bright red coloration, which breaks up the monotony of the grey/brown bottom.

 As does the Pinktail Durgon! 

I have to look up the name of this little fish. I think they are the ones that masquerade as cleaner wrasse and actually bite the fishes instead of cleaning them.
 Ending with another photo of the turtle. I'm glad no one was bothering it!

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