Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Spotted Eagle Ray and an octopus

Surprised by a big Spotted Eagle Ray. Go to youtube.com and ask for octopigirl7...nice ray.
One octopus:
Yes, you can't see it dancing. ha. Lately, not so much movement with the little he'e. Still good to see them.

 The sleeping seal wasn't dancing, either! But if it were me, I'd be very itchy from the sand on my face. Apparently, it doesn't bother this one. At least not enough to wake it up!
 Abudefduf parade. 

I keep wanting to call these Basket shells, but not really sure if the white  one is a basket...I do know the one below is a Cone shell.
 And this crazy crab totally had a stroll. The video is rather confusing, so not sure if I'll upload it. But look at all the spiny hairs on this crab's legs! 

Pencil urchins
 A nice surprise rainbow above the palm trees.

Saddleback Butterfly fish. It did have a partner, but s/he didn't get in this shot, which I took to show the pretty coloration and designs.
 Same seal as above, but I wanted to show the waves and the caution sign. People were being good. 
Unfortunately, two kids and an older gentlemen kicked me while I was swimming in the small pond. The father of the kid laughed and said Yeah he should pay more attention. Grrrr. But it didn't spoil my swim. Just made me wonder how that kid will turn out. Parents, please watch your kids carefully when they are in the water!!! It can be life or death: it's the REAL ocean! Not the always pretty one you see on TV. 

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