Monday, December 11, 2017

Wonderful weekend

As you may know, any weekend with octopuses is a good one....this weekend was great, with 5 sightings each day! And some of the octopuses were small and very cute.
I am surprised that some octopuses make their dens near the entry points to the water, i.e., near the beach. Too much option for getting walked on.

I think it's really cool that butterfly fish are normally in pairs...These two 4 spot butterfly fish are very cute and somewhat shy. 
 Three rock mover wrasses with the Bluefin Trevally looking on, hoping for snacks, no doubt.

Mr. Abudefduf. 
Devil Scorpion Fish. This one was probably about 7 inches long, including the tail. Hiding in a cleft of a rock. Didn't move at all even though I took several pictures. (564 for the day, by the way. In my defense, sometimes the sun is on the camera, so it's hard to tell what you have until you get home!)
 Nice eel moving from one hiding place to another. It's comical sometimes because they will swim and poke their head in and sometimes there's somewhere to go, but sometimes they get a little head butt because the path is blocked.

I call this one the French beret urchin. Makes me smile what the urchins will pick up, I suppose for protection.
 Nice humu.

Indo Pacific Damsel.
 Rock Mover Wrasse juvenile near some seaweed.
 And another shot.
 Lizard Fish waiting patiently. It didn't move at all either, probably hoping I didn't see it. ha.
 One of the octopuses I saw. Note the suckers and on the other side, the siphon.

 I think the same octopus, but with different coloration.

Nice rainbow on part of the octopus.
 Below, you can see the "wartiness" of the octopus. One minute smooth, next minute, bumpy.

One of the little ones.
 This photo kinda spooks me...looks otherworldly, doesn't it? The siphon was above its eye.
 Another Rock Mover Wrasse juvenile. They lose the "antlers" when they grow up.

Cleaning Station. The parrot and surgeon fishes are waiting for the little Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses to do their work, picking off parasites:
I found this in the water. Of course, we are hopeful that it's a diamond. We'll see!

Pencil Urchin, hiding in some coral.
 Pinktail Durgon, a member of the Trigger Fish family. 

Rock Mover Wrasse juvenile, hiding in a hole.
 The Adult version. See how the antlers have disappeared?

Snoozing seal. Awwww.

Two teardrop butterfly fish.

Lately, there have been huge schools of these yellow tail goatfish. And the Bluefin Trevally circles underneath.
 Trunk Fish for Alex.

They always run away when I get near....Really enjoyable swim. Poipu rocks!

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