Saturday, December 9, 2017

Let 'em go!

Today, a big old turtle swam by me....always fun.  And it didn't try to play, so I just let it swim by and took a few pix...It's always best to let them go, undeterred.

They always seem so calm..I hope that's true!
 Above, the Abudefduf. One of a small group...
 Another reason not to pick up cone shells...those urchin spines are sharp! Hebrew Cone
 Christmas Wrasse above. 

Cigar Wrasse
 Palm trees for Alex. And also for him, the small flounder!

Bluefin Trevally and a herd of yellow tail goat fish.
From my desk: part of a hairy Triton. And I could be mistaken, but there's an operculum stuck in the track where the animal can come out in the intact shell.

A leaf fish, hiding in between two rocks.
 Octopus #5.
A paper octopus from a wonderful birthday card a friend sent me! Aren't people creative?!

Snowflake moray eel.
 Smooth octopus.

 Above and below is octopus the coral head. So it's apparently still alive. YAY.

This octopus was sitting right on top of the rock, so I almost missed it because of its coloration...but it was warty, which helped me see it:

 It can go from warty to smooth faster than I can blink.

 Octopus #5... the eye is below the sand it's wearing..
 Same octopus before it got mad and changed to the maroon above...I didn't do anything except take its photo...really.

Trunk fish for you, baby!
A nice day in the water. As always, I'm thankful to God for His creativity! I couldn't think up all these wonderful animals if I lived to be 100.....

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