Friday, December 22, 2017

The wet suit came in handy!

Normally, when I swim I use a dive skin, not wet suit. Well, today was windy enough, I figured I would shiver since I stay in the water so long (2-3 hours), so I put on both. It makes it harder to dive down because I'm more buoyant, but I was glad I did since I felt my legs get a bit cold, but my core stayed warm. 
Three octopus! Two were smallish, always fun:
Octopus #1

Octopus #2

Octopus #3

Octopus #3 again
The first octopus was pretty far down, so not as clear. The other two were near the shore, so I'm not surprised they were pretty reluctant to venture out. Doing so would endanger them, as there's that risk of being stepped on.
 Beaded octopus my sister found and gave me for Christmas. Woohoo! Somebody had talent.

Christmas Wrasse.
 Can you spot the crab in the photo above?
 Rock Mover Juvenile
 Male Trunk fish

 Morning Glories near our house. Isn't that color amazing?!

 This is actually a photo of the Needle Fish, but I liked the reflections in the water, too (some goat fish)
 Pencil Urchin
 This little Picasso Trigger was ready to dive into the hole if I got aggressive. Which of course I didn't! I think they are one of the prettier fishes.
 Spanish Dancer nudibranch.

Spotfin Scorpion fish
 Well, the pix got reversed....the one below occurred after the one below that. All those legs were hidden under the mother hen.

 drops of water on a very pretty pure white flower.

Nice swim. Just a lovely day all around!

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