Saturday, December 2, 2017

3 seals, 3 turtles and 3 octopus....coincidence?!

 Two four-spot butterfly fishes. (they count both sides..ha)
 The three turtles were all cozied up on the beach.

The seals weren't...
 I had high hopes that this fish was interested in an octopus, but it was an eel, instead.

Cute little Trunk Fish.
 Looks like they wanted to nap near each other.

Visitors really love the chickens, while those of us who have to hear them early in the morning feel otherwise!
A Drupe shell...(the bumpy pink thing...) Normally, they are white with brown spots...

An eel trying really hard to get away from me.
 Bluefin trevally trying hard to decide which goat fish to follow.
 Very unusual green coral.

Look closely and you'll see the cutest little Ambon Puffer.
 And a goby.

This octopus, #1, made me sad...normally the whitish color means they have laid their eggs and are at the end of their lives...I didn't swoop down for a closer picture, because I didn't want to upset it.
This octopus was younger and can see the siphon  just inside...and the pale brown band around the bottom of the animal.
 I agree, it's harder to see this one. The siphon is just in the middle of the brown part.

The siphon can also be aqua sometimes...

The rose I got after having a biopsy...
 snoozing on the beach. It would drive me crazy to have that much sand on my face!
 I seem to always catch them just after they do the wiggle up the beach.

Hey what are you looking at?!
 Seal on the edge of the ledge...

Basking in the water, and waiting to be invited onshore.

Spanish Dancer, a nudibranch.
 Stripes of multiple types..

And the wrasse yet to be named.
There was a lot of wind today, but I enjoyed the swim...

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