Sunday, December 3, 2017

God gave me a wonderful day

All of my peeps at Church said they missed me at the party last night...wasn't feeling like going! Those cancer diagnoses, even though words like "caught it early" and "in situ...contained" kinda take the wind outa you. However, they all prayed for me. so that is a wonderful thing! And God gave me a great day in the water after church: 5 Rock mover wrasses. And 4 octopuses.
 The octopus that I was worried might be in its final days proved to still be present and alive. So that's great! I enjoy the aqua color that they sometimes show.

Nice female Trunk Fish.

Christmas Wrasse. Awww...a little early for Christmas, but appreciated anyway.

A Cowry shell, right out in the open.  I was tempted to pick it up and see if it was empty, but it's hard to tell and I didn't want to be tempted to take it home.
 A Drupe shell with green, maybe algae.

Snowflake Eel Tail.
 Another eel tail, different type of eel.
 Mr. Honu was resting on the beach.
 Leaf Fish. Looking enigmatic.

 A nice shell. I want to say a basket shell, but not really sure. And yes, once again, I'm in lazy phase. To my own defense, I do have the Fishes Book and the Marine invertebrates book right next to me, but they don't have a lot of shells. No, one has to have the Hawaii Shells book too! Gee, I am glad I have the books, but loath to get up to look. Yeah, height of lazy, I know...

 Pencil Urchin
 Rock Mover Wrasses.

Spotfin Scorpion Fish.


 Octopus #3 was young and liked to peek out of its den to watch me. In self defense, probably, but still...

Octopus #4. Still at home in its coral head. You have to dive down to get the visual, so it's not as easy as it seems....

A Turban shell with acoutrements. Yes, I will look it up...

Nice visuals. Always happy to see my 8 legged friends and shells. Never ending mysteries. Thanks, God!

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