Sunday, April 23, 2017

Two octopuses

What a wonderful day in the water.  Didn't see any octopuses in the Big Pond, but saw 2 in the Kiddie Pool....doesn't matter where.. this octopus noticed me right away.  

And number 2:
This photo was cropped from the original...I don't have the luxury of getting this close!!

I was treated to 3 seals and a turtle:
You almost miss the 3rd one, as he is lying on his back, showing only the sandy colored tummy.  When I saw this group from the water, I thought it was 4 seals!  Three is rare enough, but 4 would have been truly amazing...From farther away, they look similar. Like lumps on the sand.
We were laughing, too, because they were blowing sand outa their noses, so it sounded funny.
Saw a very nice Pinktail Durgon, too:
You can see the clear fins, with black edging.  They fly away quickly and often are spotted going away, so it's nice to catch one from the side like this.
Two Ornate Butterfly fish: they are not exactly rare here, but I don't see them very often:
Trunk Fish:

Female and male..Both very cute fish.
Lizard fish:
This one didn't move at all...just blended in.
Money cowry on the left with sand.  Too bad the cowry was still in use.  I don't have any in my collection.  But then, as Steven Wright says, I keep my shell collection on beaches all over the world! 

It is rather amazing how different stripes can be! The Abudefduf has top to bottom stripes, but so does the Indo Pacific Damsel.  And they look so different. 
I call this one God's Power:
The lighting did vary from moment to moment.  Sun really helps, but cloudiness also gives the underwater objects a varied aspect.
He was posing just for me!  It is quite unusual for 3 males to hang out together, but the volunteer said they were all boys. Nice that they could get along.
Stout Moray:
And the Bluefin Trevally that helped me know something was there.
All in all, a very nice swim.  I'll finish up with orchids from National Tropical Botanical Garden:

Believe it or not, these beauties grown on the trees! Quite lovely way to walk to work.
Enjoy your week!

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