Friday, April 14, 2017

An octopus and a scorpion fish trifecta!

If you don't immediately see it, look for the suckers on its leg....then up from there is its head. When I swooped down to try to get a better shot, its head darkened immediately.  
You can just see a bit of the siphon (white round thing) to the left of the lavender coral...
And 3 Scorpion Fish!  Well, I'm including a leaf fish as they are in the same family:
Yeah, not the prettiest of fishes....
A different bigger one...hey! Maybe I saw 4!!!
The one above was a Devil Scorpion Fish...and this was in the area where a kid had just been walking on the bottom......this one did NOT move at all.  not even a little bit...Ambush predator to da max!

Triton Shell:
In the 2nd photo, you can see more of the operculum, which in this type of shell is not white and round, but brownish...and I'll bet it's flexible.  I never see this type of operculum on the bottom, so I may never know...It's always in the shell, which is the better way anyway!  And look at the animal.....from the center of the shot, follow that black and white line off to the right...that's part of the animal.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see one of these out of their shells.  Probably only at night...too bad...
For my sweetheart...a trunk fish:
AWWWW. So cute.  I saw some other much smaller ones, but they didn't let me catch a good shot.  Too fast!
I'll end with the urchin shot.  There's just something about these, when the light hits 'em just right..
Glad I found at least one's always a treat!

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