Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mask blowout!

We start today's story with a cautionary example:  do not buy those dive masks that have the "easy-clear" holes in the nose piece!  Eventually, they will get something in them (sand or something more gnarly) and your mask will blow.  That is, you'll flood your mask.  I will not mention the goofball who messed with her nosepiece yesterday, in an attempt to clean it, and ended up with a flooded mask today in the first attempt at swimming.  Of course, in the big girl pond.  I had anticipated this problem, so my pal Julie ran down with the other mask in my dive bag.

Similarly, this one also had the same nose problem, but it didn't flood the entire mask.  But I'll tell you it is a major bother to have to blow water out of your mask all the time!

This picture is my blown mask. There's a whole contraption in there, but the bottom line is that you don't need it.  Buy or rent a mask that has just the plastic in the nose area. (and no holes!)

So needless to say, I swam for a shorter period of time.  But I was able to spot two octopuses, so it's all good.

The first octopus was in such a nice placement that I said out loud THANKS GOD!  I'm sure those snorkeling around me wondered what I was talking about....and why I said that...

 What a great hidey-hole!  In a big coral head, hiding inside behind another bunch of coral. I mean, how smart was this octopus?!?!?!

Just above the white siphon, you can see its eye.  And to the right, a bit of the rest of its body, which wasn't maroon colored.  All in all, a very good hiding place.  And since they can get out of very small holes, I knew the den would work for it for a while. Hopefully, until the next time I get to go octo-snooping.

I almost forgot to tell you about the two flounder I also saw:
This was the bigger one.  If I have time later, I'll upload the movie that shows was so small and cute!

And speaking of small, here's today's lizard fish (smaller than my little finger.)

It's just below the leafy seaweed.  Too cute, right?!  And it just lay there, letting me take the photos.

As did the cowry shell:
I am very happy that I discovered they do this, hiding in the coral.  I do wonder what is in the hole to the right of the shell.  Seems as if something is there, but I cannot quite discern it.  And yes, I left the shell there.

I saw another Sea Hare...which turned out to be 2 Sea hares!

Right in the center of the shot, there are two, alongside each other.  Kinda like the animals in shells, but no shell. 

It was deeper water, so I didn't get a really close photo...

And lest you think I have forgotten about the humble Abudefduf, nay, nay, mon ami!
And the Trevally are still being lazy and hoping for food leftover from the Goat Fish:

And God's Rays:

Little cute pencil urchins were also present, though hiding:

The bright color really attracts the eye.  Some people use these in their wind chimes.

Flounder eyes: did you know they start out life with an eye on each side of their heads?  Then one slowly migrates over to be on the same side...
Peacock Flounder.

And I am really glad that I caught a quick photo of the lovely rose near our place; by the time I got home from swimming today, it had vanished!  The NERVE!!!

You probably know by now that I love color and this rose certainly didn't disappoint!  No smell though..

So when I got out of the water, I immediately went to the local dive shop and paid way too much for a new mask.  Which I will try out next time!

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