Monday, October 31, 2016

Is beauty a purpose?

So I had a job interview this morning and since it was in Poipu, of course I decided to swim afterwards.

Natch!  I saw one octopus, but again, it was too deep to even think of getting a good photo, but the one I will show you is interesting:

It seems as if the octopus may have taken a piece of glass or plastic and used it to cover itself.  Or maybe it's just me......

And as is often the case, I couldn't really tell what I had until I got the camera home and looked closely.  This octopus was really trying to become part of the landscape and didn't move much, so I don't feel too badly about his being too deep for video.  Video of a still object is boring.  Kinda like a lengthy photograph! 

There was a seal, which I first saw prior to the interview at around 9:30 or so.  When I left, it was 1:30 and the seal was still sleeping.  Really tired, apparently.  What I think is cool is that if you watch them closely, you really cannot tell that they're breathing.  I guess all the fat that they need disguises the lung function...That's why some folks think they're dead, because they can't see them breathing.  I am glad we have such a good system for roping them off for protection.  People do get concerned and curious.

So 2 Rock Mover Wrasses today: first, the juvenile:
Isn't that a crazy cool fish?!
And then an adult, accompanied by a Bluefin Trevally:

Kinda crazy isn't it?  I mean, how different the adult Rock Mover is when compared to the juvenile.

And now for something completely different, some flowers!

I wondered:

What possible purpose could there be to have those pretty lines of color on the flowers?  Perhaps it draws the pollinators in.  But I prefer to think that God created them with the only purpose being beauty.

And speaking of beauty, a Pinktail Durgon.  Gosh, these fish are so pretty and also so shy. The second they see me, they head out.
Am I right? So pretty.  (I will probably continue to assert this until you all let's get it over with right now. HA.)

Of course, since I had an "interview watch" on and it's not waterproof, I totally forgot to bring a waterproof watch, so instead of my usual 2+ hours in the water, I ended up with an hour and a half. It's all good though: a good interview and an octopus!  What more does a young girl need to make her happy?!

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