Saturday, October 8, 2016

Awwww....cute lil seal!

Any day that starts out with a seal is a great day.  And even better, this was a small-ish one!  AND, can there be more?!, it was moulting, too!  Plus, my pal Julie was already on the case and was in the process of roping it off when I arrived at the beach today.
 If you look closely, the skin near his head is cleaner looking than the part near its flippers.  Cool, right?!  And yes, I was told it is a male.  I was also told you can look and determine whether it's male or female, but I don't want to snoop that closely...

However, that did NOT stop me from accidentally disturbing an octo love match.  Sorry octopuses!!!

 And can you believe that I was so interested in the BIG brown octopus, that I totally missed the 2nd octopus, below and hiding in a hole!  Unbelievable! Incroyable! 

You will have to really look, but if you scan the bottom part of the rock that the brown octopus is in, you'll see just the leg and part of the eye of octopus #2.  This makes me really wonder what ELSE I'm missing when I focus on one thing.  Words to the wise.

And not to dwell on that, but I also missed the brown octopus flying down the side of the rock.  Well, I missed it on the filming part...I totally saw it, but by the time my brain reacted, it was already over.  Gee, can we do an instant replay?!

Here is little octopus #2.  Can you see her?!

I told my pal Julie today that I'm going to stop guessing the sex of the animals: I am too often wrong.  I totally felt the seal today was a female and was completely wrong. So I'll try to stop guessing.  Harder with octopuses..

Before I forget, I got bitten by fire ants this week.  OUCH and scratch scratch.  They were on the beach...near the kiddie pool at Poipu!  Lifeguards say they are trying to work on it, but......So be aware.  And if you do unfortunately meet these little demons, use itch cream.  But I also applied coolish salt water today (i.e., snorkeled) and that helped.  So when I got home and they started to itch again, I put my feet in a bucket of icy water. Muy bueno. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with these creatures.  I'm not about to question God, but I do wonder sometimes about his creations.  Are we supposed to have a small idea of what Hell might be like?!

And just in case you are into statistics, first let me applaud you.  I cannot imagine being bright enough to catch on to statistics.  However, that said, I took 328 photos today.  If I included all that I wrote down on my list, there would be 46 pictures in this post.  So since you all do have lives, I won't include them all.  (You are welcome.)  So it's always a bit of picking and choosing to write these posts.  But one photo I had to include was the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, because, for once, it was on a fish that was lighter in color, so it shows up better than is often the case:

I'm told the purple and yellow fish picks off fungus and other irritants from the fish, so that's why the put up with this activity (and that's why it's called a cleaner wrasse.)  Maybe if you click on the photo, you'll be able to see the little guy better.  

The fish it's working on is a blue spined unicorn fish.  They are quite pretty too.

Almost forgot that I arrived early today, so in time for sunrise and pretty pink clouds:
Oh yes, so lovely! God does great work.  EVERY DAY!  No weekends off. HA.

And palms trees, too, so here you go, sweetheart!  This is also because there were no fab trunk fish photos today, so just concentrate on this one..

This is the first time I have found one of these shells..and it was just sitting on the sandy bottom.  So I picked it up and no one was using it, so I brought it home.  So pretty and so complete!  (Well, other than missing the 2nd half...ha.)

and then I found this Cone shell.  This too had been eaten and I had to really think and imagine how strong the jaws were that broke that shell!  These shells are in a very strong shape and they aren't thick as the shell above is.  So I'm thinking an eel had at it:
It's the white parts...I tried to pick up all the parts, so I could put it back together again, but didn't succeed in finding all of them.  

I also saw a couple of hawk fish today, resting on the same coral head:

Sweet, right?!  You can find them by seeing the white stripe.  I thought it was nice that they were resting near each other.

OK, now, we haven't had an Eagle Eye Challenge lately, so here you go:

And when I just now put this on the screen, I couldn't find the lizard fish either!  But it's there.  Take a peek.  

And my favorite wrasse, the Christmas Wrasse:
Great colors, right?!

The fish is also known as Awela (Hawaiian) and Thalassoma Trilobatum in scientific speak.  I know who thought these colors up and He is awesome.

A total of 4 octopuses today.  Very grateful.  And there was also a bit of seaweed, aka, the juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse:

I have seen these before and it still took me a minute to put my thoughts on what it SO looks like seaweed, as it goes around in the water, all bendy and fast, so it can sneak by you if you aren't really looking.

And to end, a Snakeshead Cowry, hidden in the rock:
Nice bit of urchin, too.  These shells are so smart, to hide away in the rock like this.  Wouldn't save 'em from the octopus, but from others, it would probably work....

Thanks for reading!  Tell your friends.  If you have folks who might enjoy seeing some of God's cool creatures, let them know.

Have a great weekend...

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