Sunday, October 2, 2016

Four octopuses and five piggies!

Since today is Sunday, I always plan to go to church, which starts at 9:30. I tell you this so you understand why I usually don't swim on Sundays: it takes 1/2 hour each way to get to Poipu, so that's an hour.  I don't like to rush in my octosnooping, so even if I go in at 7 a.m., that still leaves me at most 1.5 hours to swim.  Just not enough!  When it's fun, I don't like to rush.

So since we had thought hubby would need the car this week, I planned to swim after church, so I'd have enough time.  Not my usual practice, but I wanted to swim, so....

Of course, church went l-o-n-g today.  And then because I wasn't organized enough to get a lunch together and I'm always starving after swimming, I stopped at the drive-thru for a sandwich and diet soda.  Twenty-five minutes later, I was thru the drive through!!!  Apparently, a car ahead of me had a HUGE order, so what usually takes 5 minutes took five times that.  Grrrr.  As I sat in the car, waiting for my turn, I said: OK Lord, I don't get why this is taking so long.  What's the lesson?!?!

I didn't get an immediate answer, so I headed toward Poipu, eating as I drove.  Darn that ketchup.  HA.

It wasn't until I was well on the road that I figured it out: piggies!

There were 3 white feral pigs alongside the road, eating something...and then 2 more piggies, but these were black!  I said: Oh Lord, is that what you wanted me to see?!

I don't think I've seen any feral pigs since returning to Kauai, so it was fun.  Well, since I was in the car and they weren't interested in me, it was fun.  Had they been bigger and chasing me, it might have been different....

But I also saw 4 octopuses.  So maybe going later in the day, with clouds, is the trick. 

I won't be surprised if you don't see the octopus.  Really hiding.  But what I'm showing also, is that this became known to me because of the rocks outside..sometimes that is the way to know there's one in there.  In this photo, in the center, the brown part...

This one you can see a bit better.....

The one above is, I presume, the same one that I saw yesterday.  It was in the same spot.  Not proof, but close enough for me.

And of course, different clouds later in the day.  There were still palms trees, too.

It was overcast too.  Never stops me.

There were also two cowry shells, perhaps having a conversation. It is SO hard to tell!

And there were two male Trunk Fish.

So a very nice snorkel...and in case you are wondering, there are no pix of the piggies...because the camera was in the trunk and no way to get that shot. Maybe next time.  But I'll be careful. 

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