Saturday, October 29, 2016


Normally, I would put an exclamation point after that title, but I'm trying to wean myself off of using so many !!!!! in my posts.  (and it was very hard not to put one after that sentence....just sayin'.)

Here's the aqua, which is the siphon and body of octopus #2
This octopus was hiding under a shelf of rock.

You can see the head of the octopus under the rock on the above right; the siphon and part of the body is on the left.  I do wonder if the octopus knew it was partially exposed on both ends!
Normally, I see them hiding in a hole that is more protected in the back.  Who can tell what they're thinking?

Clouds and palms:
Palm trees for my baby!

I was also treated to a Scrawled (or Scribbled) Filefish:

 It amazes me that the filefish family has so many different types and also, so big a differential in size: the fantail filefish takes up less space than this one's tail...

And it rained on me. That doesn't bother me in itself, but there is less light, so that affects the photos.

I was in the water, and pointing down at the surface to take the photo.

Here's a Snowflake Moray, peeking out of its hole in the sand.  And unbeknownst to me at the time I took the photo, there's a Cowry shell hiding on the rock behind it:

As I've said, one never knows what will show up in the photo until it gets home.

And a box fish for my sweetie:

Run, Box Fish, run!

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