Tuesday, January 2, 2024

What we ate and drank

 OK Let's see if I can keep my photos straight. Somehow that seems to be a trauma for me. I can't even blame my camera, but I would like to once again mourn the loss of my "regular" cameras. I'm going to stop mentioning the brand, as I'm not happy with their response to my problems. Let's just say, I won't be buying from them again!

But before we get into food and drink, a small google maps story: once back home in Hawaii, I had to get to a place in the main town of Lihue that has always confused me. I duly got out my phone and opened google maps. Believe it or not, it told me it could not find the location!! I thought that being away from maps for 3 weeks, perhaps I had forgotten how to use it. So I tried again, to no avail. Finally, it occurred to me to check the home location it was using: Lyon, France! No wonder it couldn't find Hawaii from the base of France. Live and Learn.

This was a table number, so the servers would know who to give the food to. Neat, right? And of course, it was my birthday, Dec 16, so it was really appropriate.
Here is the very cute bib I found for my niece. It's made of silicone and has the cute little catchment area for food that tries to get away. HA. She doesn't have it yet, so mum's the word.
And avocado toast! It was very good, with slices of fennel, pomegranate seeds, pistachios and that white bulb was the poached egg: poached the right way, dropping it into whirling water. SO GOOD!
This ham and cheese omelet came with a wonderful salad. Really good. We ate like royals.
I found Ile de Re Cognac. That stuff was so smooth. It lasted the entire trip. Just one of the many wonderful libations we found at L'Epicerie. Fine olives, wines, cognacs, pasta, just about everything you could want. We were forced to finish the bottle of Cognac because we had no room to take it home in our bags....that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The dreaded meringues. Not sure why Alex hates them, but they were pretty.
It goes without saying that the bakeries are exceptional. Oh my goodness. If I didn't have some health issues, I would have wiped up on some of these cakes, tarts, and croissants.
This fish and chips was great. We tried to find them everywhere, but enjoyed the ones at our hotel the best. I was also fortunate to find a wonderful ginger ale. SO good. Look out Schweppes!
I was not a fan of mushy peas. But the fish went down a treat!
I talked the bartender into doing a Campari Spritz for me. So much better than Aperol spritz. The drink has the main liquor, some Prosecco and soda. Yum. It felt so luxurious in that huge glass.
Luckily, I can tell we had this in the hotel bar, because I recognize the chairs. It was later sadly occupied by a family of four, all of whom stayed on their phones the entire time. Gee, why have family if you don't talk to them?!
We were once again surprised by the various flavors of chips...steak?! Chicken? Oh so many flavors.
And mince pies. These were little bites that we enjoyed. If you haven't tried mincemeat, do so, please! It doesn't contain meat, so you vegetablearians are safe.
We also found the best fruits! Pears being majorly among them, but also wonderful raspberries. At the Tesco! The pears were incredibly juicy and flavorful.
During one of our many train trips, Alex spied a pasty shop. Even though we ate it later and it was a little squashed, the pastry was really good. I think think this one was chicken.
I took this photo because I was so shocked that it came with ice! In France! The French are notorious for not using ice in their drinks (ostensibly because it waters down the beverage), so I was really happy to see this.
My sweetheart in his Columbia shirt. I was getting tired of seeing the orange, but discovered he had 2 of the same shade.
Oh snap! Somebody been drinking my wine!
We did try to remain hydrated. I will mention my favorite hat, from the Mary Rose, later.
And last but not least, we saw this sign. I don't think they were kidding, but we didn't see any foxes. Darn.

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