Monday, January 1, 2024

New Year, new post from Europe

We got home ok! A few minor setbacks (missed connections, covid) but remain unscathed.

Well, other than completing the post and then totally erasing it somehow. That will make you mad!

So this version might be shorter, but hopefully enlightening.

Since my major emphasis was cathedrals, churches and monasteries, I will start with those. All beautiful in their own way. And I didn't want to disturb the faithful, so I didn't take photos inside. It's a privacy thing for me: I wasn't there as a tourist, but as a believer.

They each had their own idiosyncrasies, and I'm sorry to say that I am trying to get started on my epic journey, so am pushing this out there. I do have notes on where we were, but they are unfortunately not with the photos. Rookie move.

I also tried not to photograph everything, as I think that takes you out of the action.

This is Alex reacting to meringues...he does not like 'em, hence the face.

I took this one because my friend's husband was named Rod. There you go, D!

Sometimes, you catch a photo of a church from a ways away. This one was spotted while we were awaiting our Uber after visiting the Portsmouth Aquarium. They had Axolotls! There may be a photo; they are very cool aquatic animals.

We also saw Southwark Cathedral. Lovely.
There was a very nice man, in suit and tie, who answered my question: Can I enter if I'm not Catholic? He said we welcome everyone, even the Catholics!

More photos to come!

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