Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Lihue airport and France...eventually


From the terminal window at Lihue airport. I had a very nice conversation with the lady who worked at the restaurant. She was worried about upcoming radiation treatment. I was able to pray with her.

This was an attempt to remember the wine I liked. I think it was the 
Chateau de la Bonnetiere.

Cheese and pears and pastries. What could be wrong with that?!
These pears were incredibly juicy and sweet.
We were leaving the hotel the next day. Luckily, I was able to find a half bottle of a nice French wine. Well, they probably all were, but I didn't try them all. We were only there 3 weeks!
At Colmar, I was able to find some gingerbread men sox. hahahaha. Much needed as it was cold in Alsace!
One of my stylish "I just got up" hairdos.
Alex had fondue. This is the burner they bring to your table. I think this was Les 2 Savoies. Our Fave.
Of course, fondue requires beer.
And wine. I ate something else, as the cheese, not surprisingly, was slowing down my system. So sad! In France, yet!
Here is the English Bible I found in Paris. See how fat it is?
A sign on the train. Glad for the warning.
A catchy slogan to remind people to dispose of their ciggies in the appropriate bins.
They had treats at one hotel for the dogs.
I think this was Southwark Cathedral.
All the cranes lit up for Christmas. Or safety.
One of the lovely ornaments at the train station.

These buildings are so huge and impressive.

One of the buildings on Cambridge campus.
Everyone was working on their buildings.

I was happy to visit this welcoming church.

Another avocado toast! The French do try to include salads in the meals.
The just woke up hair competition.

I had heard about Ely Cathedral, but this is a nearby church. I took a photo because there are still not a lot of women in charge.

Best ginger ale ever! Totally worth bar prices.
We had visited The Eye on a previous trip. It was cold and rainy, so we went to the Aquarium instead.
This helped keep him warm.
Note the wrist brace. I had it on to help keep the loose bone in my wrist stable. You can imagine how much fun it was to get on and off the train with half your hands in a brace!
Another great ginger ale. 
And we were able to also find chips, wine and those small radishes.

A nice store near our hotel, called Pret, had amazing sandwiches.

I found Stephen Hawking's book. A noted atheist, I was interested in his opinion. 
And that big Bible.
Inside an airport. Nice octopus.

My Christmas slippers were too small. So sad.
Octopus coaster.
I laughed so hard when we got back home! Alex loves the Axolotl and we were able to see some in the live in Portsmouth Aquarium.
Santa hat
Another entry in the how weird can my hair get category.

It will not surprise you to hear that some of my photos went astray, so I am now playing catch up.

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