Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore and ships


We have often visited and love the Shakespeare and Co bookstore. When we went to explore it for the first time on this trip, it was packed with a long line outside.

You might guess that we don't normally go for crowds. In fact, if we see one, we go absolutely the other way! So we did.

But next time we walked by, it was accessible, so I went in. I asked the staff for English Bibles (the store was in Paris). She weaved with me through the store, depositing me in front of a huge book. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

She dutifully pulled the volume off the shelf. I said "It is so huge!" She said "Well of course! It's the BIBLE!" Of so it was. And it contained a big introduction and all the non-canonical books. And this was Paris, so our luggage had already soared to new heights. But I bought it anyway.

The clerk stamped the store name on the inside. And of course, I bought a bag from Shakespeare and Co. It is quite a famous store, so I wanted a momento.

I am reading from it daily in my morning readings. It is the King James version, not my fave, but I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. It will last the entire year.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but this is a window in the roof of one of our hotel rooms! We could see the Moon and little else. The room was quite odd: it had a slanted inside roof, so we had to be careful not to roll out of bed. Also, not to hit our heads by popping up without thinking. Quite unique!
Sacre Coeur. We have a love/hate relationship with the hill leading up to the Cathedral, so didn't attempt it on this trip.
We got to tour 2 ships: Henry the 8th's Mary Rose (which sank in the Battle of the Solent, while Henry looked on.) It was very odd to tour this ship, as there were many twists and turns below decks. And stairs. And low ceilings.

That tour is when I learned the origin of the phrase: Letting the cat out of the bag. This involved one of the devious punishing tools: the cat o'9 tails. It was called this as it contained 9 strips of leather, with sharp glass and stones embedded in it. You can imagine the pain involved in having the cat whipped against your bare skin. Afterward, they would put this instrument of pain back into a leather bag. When next someone did something wrong, the Cat would be taken out of the bag to be used to inflict the punishment!
Here's a model of Henry the 8th. Not a nice man: 6 wives and only one wife survived: Katherine Parr. I am really glad I didn't live in that time!
We also went into the HMS Victory. Another ship not to be caught dead in. But we have a friend who is working on a model of this ship, so we wanted to visit. They are trying to rebuild it, so if you have spare change floating around...

There were other ships being worked on in the building near the other ships.
I am sorry to report that I can't remember the name of this ship. The Golden Hinde? 

Imagine being up in those riggings while it was at sea and so cold.

Thank God! A sign with the ship's name! We didn't get a chance to get on board.

Alex won the odd hairdo award that day.
I covered my hair and ears up because of the cold. Somehow, this hat got lost on our travels.
One of the Paris Metro train stations, underneath. 
It was often possible to find me devouring a pastry, although I tried to stay away from the sugary ones.
Yes, these are real phone boxes.

I have no idea what a humped pelican crossing is, but enjoyed the sign.
Maritime Museum

And my Ancient Mariner.
Not a great photo, but I enjoyed this Magpie in England.
Another bad photo, memorializing my new music box! I never had one as a kid. I look forward to eventually giving it to my new niece. As soon as she is old enough not to grab it.

My cousin and I love to do jigsaw puzzles. I emailed her while in this gift shop and asked LARGE or SMALL? She naturally assumed I was referring to clothing, but I was referring to puzzle size. We'll see if she reads this before it arrives at her house. Mine, above, has 54 pieces and took me 20 minutes. Hers  will probably take a bit longer. HAHA. Don't be mad Janet! I had to!

If you are reading this on January 3, look up after midnight near the Big Dipper. Perhaps you will spy the Quarantid Meteor Shower! I have seen 3 so far. A nice way to start off the New Year. Thanks for reading.

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