Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Pix of stuff and clothing

We found this fabulous store called Pylones. They had the most amazing items, like the colorful toaster. And Alex bought the alligator that helps you take toast out (see below the toaster). Whimsical. Unfortunately, they have no stores in the US, but you can buy from their website. www.pylones.com Very imaginative items. Well worth a look or a visit if you find yourself in France or England.
Every year, Galeries Lafayette has amazing Christmas trees in the middle of their store. So unique and creative!
I had a postcard of this photo one year. Someone saw it and said OH NO! ARE THEY TAKING THE TOWER DOWN?! HA. No, this was taken in the various stages of construction.
I am not good at keeping pictures of myself out of the photo. We were blessed with wonderful rooms. Somehow, they have figured out how to keep the noise out of the rooms...we never heard street traffic or other noises that might keep one awake.
A colorful melange of what we carried with us. 
We had to fill Alex's duffel and buy another bag to carry everything. This, with my wrist in a brace! But Alex did the lion's share of the carrying.


This bath made me crazy. There was no lip to keep the water in the appointed area! Most European baths at least had a lip or plastic wall around half the shower.
Not a big fan of these sinks.
Sumptuous bedding. We were happy to have 2 large beds.
And Alex tried to get Domo into everything. He likes to take him on our trips.
I came up with some amazing hairdos. I was due for a cut, so the hair really felt the need to be a sculpture.
The ambulances were right in front of our hotel in London. Hampton by Hilton. Great staff. (See laundry story later.) Luckily we were in no need of an ambo on our trip.
Double decker buses.
Because I have an interest in octopuses, even though not so much live in the water, people, especially my sweetheart, tend to find and report them to me.
Cold weather gear. The hunter's orange hat had warm parts that go down over your ears for added warmth. Which we needed!
We were busy so didn't have time to write to Santa. But this was available should we have needed the opportunity.

My cold weather gear: hat from the Mary Rose gift store, my home knitted scarf, my mittens (with my wrist brace, gloves didn't go over the brace, so mittens were necessary.) You rarely see me in Hawaii with long pants, but again much needed. And my boots: fake fur lined, zip up, and very comfortable. Since my first pair of shoes made my big toes turn black, I left them in a hotel for someone who fit them better.
Here is the hunter orange hat and Columbia shirt. Who knew we were such fashion plates?
Alex and I toured both the Mary Rose ship and the HMS Victory. His friend in California is building a model, so we will have encouraging comments for him. Note to self: NEVER do anything that makes me be arrested to serve on a ship like this. We also saw the Golden Hinde and Cutty Sark, but didn't tour the inside.
Somebody was trying on hats. hahaha.

Henry the 8th character. He had an actor pretending to be him, which we thought was amusing. I was also amused to note the codpiece...I seriously doubt he had the wherewithal for that codpiece. But if one mentioned such a thing in that time, they probably would have been killed.
I tried to make my ballcap viewable, without success. The hat says Warning! Old and grumpy. Which I am, sometimes. Gotta tell the truth.
We had to dry his socks. We never turned on a t.v. the entire time we were gone, so it got use for something.
This is the size of the Mary Rose...really amazing.
Octopus sculpture. Once you start looking, you'll be amazed how many octopuses are lurking out there.
Alex standing on the meridien. At the Royal Conservatory in Greenwich.
Oops. This one caught me with the gift shop bag. We also visited the planetarium and saw a nice show inside. Unsurprisingly, I asked the astonomer if there are any dark spaces for star viewing in London. The answer was a resounding NO! He did tell us a place to go to have better views, but we were leaving the next day, so didn't have the chance.
More tomorrow. 

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