Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Every Morning (Lamentations 3:23)

As I awaited the sunrise this morning at Hanauma Bay, I thought about how every sunrise is new...none is exactly like yesterday's!
 Oh so pretty, right?!

And of course, gotta include palm trees.
And clouds. 

I congratulated God for choosing a painter to paint such a lovely scene!

And I also thanked Him for helping me see 3 octopuses. And 2 lovely Yellow Tangs. The morning was packed!

I am still staying inside the barrier reef. I want to be at full strength before I go out into the deeper water. I did hear that it was clear outside and to the left, so I'm getting anxious and ready to check it out. However, I did have a nice chat with the female lifeguard today; she was glad to hear that I was being cautious! She said that sometimes H Bay is more busy with lifesavings than the North shore. She said that when people see big surf, they tend to stay out. NOBODY stays out at Hanauma Bay!!! And since it's a big tourist destination, we get a lot of the newbies in the water.

She added that some people quit being a lifeguard because they can't let go of upset if they can't save someone. I can certainly understand that. It wouldn't be a job for me.

I did thank her for doing that important job.

Now, on to the octopuses! Of which there were 3. YAY.

 Peeking at me. hahaha

I do so love it when they do that. You really know they are there and they know that you are, too.

He'e 2:
 What a difference some light makes...

And #3:

 Pretty well hidden, until the light hits 'em.
None of them came out to do a dance or anything, but still nice to see them. And since I have yet to see a Rock Mover Wrasse, they have no one to thwap!

There were actually 6 humu in this group, but of course, they wouldn't pose all in one tightly knit group. Where would the fun be in that?!
 Nice little Cornet fish.

More sunrise and awesome clouds
 And a pair of Yellow Tangs...first I've seen here in a while. And I definitely do not see those on Kauai!
 Another reason not to wear scrunchies in the water. I didn't take this one out (the urchin was using it), but did find another and took that one off the bottom. Also, a snorkel. I still can't understand how one loses those, but...
 Snowflake Moray. Very cute, even if the water wasn't the clearest.
 A different kind of Tang joined the 2 yellow ones.

And a Turban Shell!!! I think it was in use by either the original animal or a crab. In any case, one can't pick up shells and take 'em at Hanauma Bay, as it's a Marine Preserve. Tell your friends.
All in all, a nice 2 hour swim. Enjoyed it. Here's hoping for more clear water next time. But still good.

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