Wednesday, January 29, 2020

3 octopus and lunch with a friend...what could be better?!!

Well, maybe 4 octopus and lunch, but I'm happy with the 3 count today.

 Are you wondering why on earth I included the photo below?
 Look carefully at the beige bump sort of in the middle of rocks....that's #2 peeking at me.
 And this is what the #2 octopus looks like closer.It did retreat into its den....And what is that in its siphon? Hope it's not fishing line!!!

This was awwww so cute he'e #3, a little one. You can see its eye. 
 And its teensy tiny suckers. Am I wrong or are those just so cute? (Your mileage may vary.)
We also had a nice sunrise and some rain out at sea:
 Sunrise pink and palm trees.

Here's the rain at sea. Neat, huh?

And finally the sun peeked over the far rocks.  

And hiding underneath all this celestial beauty were fishes, eels, etc.:
 This is not a great photo of the orange spined unicorn, but can you spot its blue eyeliner? Isn't that a hoot?!
 And these 2 cousin Humu were both preparing to dart into holes. Apparently, I am quite fierce and scary. HA
 Talk about really fierce and scary, this eel was so large, I couldn't get it into one photo.
 And also in the fierce category, this Giant Trevally flew through. Fast, too! I got 2 photos only. The fish do run from these guys.

 Picasso Trigger. Note the Convict Tang in the lower left above; they rub themselves against rocks for some reason. Maybe getting shed of parasites?


This Ornate Butterfly fish was on its own. Unusual, as they usually travel in pairs.
 Tentacles. And you can just barely see the eye on the left, above the algae.
A nice swim. Oh and I found something on the bottom:
There was an engraving on the inside: D. Yurman. Turns out to be a jewelry store. We'll see what we do with it. Thankful for the safe journey to the Bay and all the great creatures inside it!

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