Thursday, January 16, 2020

A couple of maybes, but...

Finally, the wind died down enough so that the waves were not beating us to a pulp!

I did walk down to the Bay on Sunday, but the waves were so fierce, that I decided it would be stupid to go in. Even if I didn't get mashed, the visibility would still have been poor, probably. I feel badly for the visitors who are only here for a week. If they leave it to the last day, they'll be disappointed.

Kinda like some of today's visibility:
Can you tell it's a Picasso Trigger?! I feel bad for the fish when it's this hard to see: how on earth do they find their food?!

And I certainly didn't find any "for sure" octopuses. I did find some places where there could have been one, but I only count it if I'm totally sure.
All the rocks were outside the hole, but couldn't see well enough to tell if there was an octopus behind the rocks, hiding. I like to think there was. So I'm not calling this post SKUNKED; I'd prefer to think I might have seen one. Maybe. ha.

Cute little blue striped butterfly. And a Christmas wrasse that I actually was fast enough to catch with my camera.
 There were some nice clouds. 

And the Cornet fish zipped by on the hunt.
 Early morning sky and palm tree.

The Humu dove into this hidey-hole just seconds before I snapped the picture.
 Hard to see, I know, but this might have been some type of scorpion fish. It was hiding and the reddish part surrounded by white was a fin. No idea what kind; couldn't see it well enough.
 But I could see the moon. And the close-by cloud.

Adorable Sergeant Major. A really small fish, maybe an inch and a half long, including the tail.
 The sun did finally come up. I popped up to take this one, so that's why the water looks close. Because it is.
 A Humu not hiding.
 This bluefin trevally was scouting for something over the rocky bottom. I didn't see what it wanted. There also was a Giant Trevally that flew by, but the vis prevented me from catching it before it was out of camera range.
 Isn't that a crazy cool mess of clouds?
And now for a word from the operculum corner:
 Because there were so many days when I couldn't swim, I took some operculum photos. Looks like 3 planets, right?! (in the middle one, you can see a bit of the coloration that makes it called a Cats Eye.)

The container holds 1866 operculum. Good thing they're small.
 I have mentioned these little things before, but in case you missed that post, these are little hard items that a Turban shell creates to block the entry to their shell. That way, the animal inside has a better chance of not getting eaten. Or having the shell stolen. Crabs will do that, if they can.
 You can see how some get bashed about. I do like the curly design on the smooth side.
I have over 19000 of these things. Yeah. Who knew?
And props to God for giving us decent water. Here's hoping for the weekend!

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