Friday, January 24, 2020

6 bike cops in tight formation

Driving home after a very nice snorkel with calm seas, I noted 6 motorcycle cops in tight formation coming up on my left. I had my windows down, so I gave them a shaka as they went past. And to demonstrate how crazy folks are on this island, many drivers blew past me anyway. I don't know about you, but when I see even one cop, I generally drive even more carefully. But 6! They were in tight formation, two by two by two. Don't know what they were doing, but the blue lights were exciting.

Anyway, I remained ticket-less. YAY.

I had seen 3 octopuses. And the really big news is that I swam outside for the first time since returning to Oahu! Wow, the deeper water was so cool. I followed out the "regular" swimmers who go out routinely. Just so I could find the cable which leads one outside the barrier reef:
If Alex were here, he could tell me why this thing was originally installed, but as far as I know, it was intended to be a phone line and never got completed. Babe, tell me if I'm wrong!

OK, on to the really important stuff: octopuses.
 Yes, regardless of how hard it is to see, there IS an octopus hiding under that rock. Trust me.
 And this adult just kept looking at me. You can see the sand behind it. That's what they do when they are "housekeeping", i.e., getting ready to have a mate. 
I didn't see another octopus nearby, but I'm thinking this one had plans....

Normally, I wouldn't include so many pix of the same octopus, but this one has me stumped! To the left, an apparently normal octopus.
 But look at it in the photo above. We can see its 2 eyes and there's a blob of some kind between its eyes!
 It is actually there in the one above these words, just doesn't show as well from that angle.
 But again, look at the one above: one eye on the left, almost hidden by a weed. Then the blob. Then the other eye. Then the siphon. I'm calling this the mystery octopus.
 I don't know if there was predation; but who would be nervy enough to bite an octopus on its head?!
 Also, when the octopus changed to the darker color, as below, the "blob" didn't change. This is what happens when there's a missing leg: the white of the place where the leg was stays white, even when the octopus' skin changes to other colors.
 Quite the brain challenge. Of course, I just hope it's ok.
 And this is how I first saw it: peeking at me from atop the rock.
 I wouldn't blame you if you can't see it at first. I nearly missed it myself and I'm accustomed to snooping for these octopuses. The little darlings. The two lobes of its head are the only part above the rock. And as I typed that, I realized that I don't see a blob on its head! So even more of a mystery.
 Sun on its eye.
 The blob, below, from another angle. Note the two eyes, too.
 Octopus and a bit of rainbow.

I'll have to send some of these pix to someone who knows about these things. Just as soon as I figure out who that might be.

The octopuses were all inside the reef, by the way, didn't see any in the deeper water. Probably just because since I'm snorkeling, I can't get down to see anything up close.

The only time in recent memory when I thought it might be ok to use SCUBA.

So we go out, now:
 A couple of Barred Filefish, hanging out together.
 There were a total of four in this group, but one was out of range. (There's always someone...)
 One thing I noted was that outside, since there's more space, I guess, there are usually more groups of animals.
 Oops. This photo was taken inside. The Trevally was trying to catch an octopus.

Achilles Tang! I snapped only a couple shots of this beautiful fish, as it appeared in the channel on my way it. So not lots of time to linger to take pix.

Big Eye Emperor. Note that this one is larger than the one on my last swim.

Sorry this photo isn't more clear, but I wanted to show the cool colors that these Black Durgon have. They aren't simply black.

They actually have very pretty patterns on their bodies, and the face sometimes appears brown.
 I used to call this the Seersucker fish, because it appears to have seersucker fabric. But it's really a blue-lined tang. A relaxed fish on the reef. Unlike the Brighteye Damsel below and following. They are always scooting around as if I'm doing something to bother them. Well, I guess just my presence might be bothersome. To some.

A Cornet fish meeting.

And the flounder!!! Woohoo! I don't believe I've seen one since returning to Oahu. Look at youtube for octopigirl7 to see the movie.

I think the Lei Trigger is one of the prettiest fish. 

Longnose Butterfly with a Barred Filefish
 A pair of the little ones..butterfly fish usually travel in pairs.
 And until I spotted this Moorish Idol, I hadn't realized how prevalent they aren't here.
 Count the colors of the Picasso Trigger. I was amazed to see how many different colors there were.
 Ornate Butterfly Fish
 Oval Butterfly. Arguably one of the prettiest on the reef. This isn't a great photo; I wasn't able to get very close.
 Getting up close with Mr. Humu

 And the Pinktail Durgon. I was very happy to see this fish. Even if there was only 1 that I noticed.
 And there it goes, swimming off into the deep blue.
 This is where I first saw the Pinktail. It was swimming underneath these circling BigEye Trevally.

Sergeant Major of an adult size 

Trev looking hungry. 

 This Convict Tang was sharing space with Wana. Not my way to have a good time.
 Here's the whirling ball of Big Eye Trevally. I have no clue why they do this.

 Whitebar surgeon

White-spotted Surgeon. I asked God why He added the yellow....certainly not a thing necessary to life. God was having fun.
 And speaking of yellow, the Yellow Phase Trumpet fish swam through.

 And Yellow tangs in a group. I think the most I've seen together inside the barrier reef was 3 or 4.
So here's the celestial haps from this morning while I awaited sunrise:
 Spotted two island bumps
 And then a third. I need to consult with geography whiz Alex...
 And finally, sunrise. I am thankful for all the beautiful creatures. Also for big animals tried to eat me. And I successfully got out and back in via the channel without mishap. 

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