Tuesday, November 5, 2019

three he'e

I saw 3 octopuses today, but all in the deep side! Surprising.
 He'e #1 peeking out of its den. On the right...look in front of the gray sand...
 #3 below the coral, in a "c" in the rock
 And turning dark.
 and then light. so clever to turn colors and different skin, some with bumps

The day was cloudy...well, I should say, the clouds were offshore and very pretty.

Lots of choices of clouds.  Cirrus, cumulus and just really pretty.
 And palm trees with clouds for my sweetheart.

I saw 3 different juvenile Rock Mover wrasses. These require nimble fingers to catch with my camera.

A Cornet fish
Female Christmas wrasse.

Hebrew Cone shell 
 More juvenile Rock Mover photos

I love the color and their little "antlers" on the head. Which disappear when adult.

 Very bendy. Just like seaweed.

 Adult male trunk or box fish

Two sets of pencil urchins amongst the coral
 This could be another juv rock mover, but it seemed to act differently. And it didn't have the headgear.

A white mouth moray
 The adult Rock Mover

A pair of saddleback butterfly fish
 Sleeping honu

Puhi...Snowflake type

 This is the bluefin trevally and a chub. Some have these strange white spots. No idea why.
 This is another female Christmas Wrasse outside what was an octopus den. It may still be one, but I couldn't see the octopus!
Nice to be back in the water after 4 days off! 

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