Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Coming and Going

Don't you hate it when you have a great post title while in the water and then by the time you get out, you've totally forgotten your brilliant idea? Has this happened to you?!

So this is coming and going:

Upper pic is two pinktails; lower is blue-spined unicorn fish. It would be so cool to be able to swim 24/7...well, unless someone is trying to catch and eat you.

I saw 2 octopuses. The first was hiding in its den (the same one I've seen before a few times) and the 2nd one was also hiding, just not as deeply:
 You see? That's what they do: put rocks around their dens.
And on #2, you can see the siphon and a bit of the eye. Water was full of movement and sand....

And 2 seals:
 Neither seal woke up while I was there. Thankful for that. I hate to wake them. The seal in the lower photo was near the plants, so, high up on the beach. The longer one has pretty smooth skin, so I'm thinking it had molted fairly recently.

I also saw a turtle reach up to breathe while I was looking before getting in. But that breath is quick, so I didn't get a photo. I figure it's better not to get bowled over by waves, even if that means no photo. As it was, a wave did get me a bit and made me sit down on the sand. Always a new and fun experience with the ocean!
 You can see the nice early morning clouds and light.

Big cornet fish and its mouth.

Crazy clouds
 Humu about to dive into a hole.

Lots of needlefish
 Pinktail. This was in the deeper side and so not so nice water.
This rain offshore came in and started thunder and lightning. I got out!

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